This was the moment…

The moment everything changed. You know… that moment when everything starts flowing? The challenges disappear and things got REALLY good.


The moment I decided to be super intentional about who I spent my energy on, who my clients were going to be. When I got super clear on who I wanted to work with, spend time with and associate with when I chose a client who I not only wanted to work with but be friends with this is when things got really good. Like really really good.

Let me tell you, I used to work with almost anyone who liked my portfolio enough to give me their trust and their $$ and this was a HUGE problem because a lot of the time, our visions were not perfectly aligned, or they were not the kind of people who I wanted to work with around the clock.

Once I chose a client who I LOVED The work, started not to feel like work, more an exciting task.

Alright so you’re probably wondering, lucy how did you fall in love with your customer? And don’t worry I’m going to show you how I selected my client so that I could fall in love with them.

Step 1. Who Can you Truly Help?

Thinking about your product or service – Write down who you can really help? Don’t just say, all women or all men, but go deeper. Who is it that you want to speak to when you create marketing material? For me, it’s purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who have momentum in their business, who want to establish their authority and make a massive impact on the planet.

For you, maybe it’s a younger version of yourself?

Step 2. What are their needs?

What are their desires? For example, my ideal client is purpose-driven, they want to improve the world or the lives of others in some way, whether that means they’re a health coach or nutritionist, if they’re launching a brand to reduce the use of plastic goods, or if they’re a spiritual guru like Gabby Bernstein every day they wake up with a burning desire to improve the lives of those around them.

Step 3. Who is NOT your ideal client?

You might think this question is funny but let me tell you, you want to be CRYSTAL clear about who is not your ideal client. This will help you in more ways than you know, for me

Step 4. How can your product or service help them achieve what they want?

What stories can you tell them to help them? Create a brain dump here of all the things you’d like your ideal client to know, this is especially simple if your ideal client is a younger version of yourself.

Okay, do you feel ready to start creating content for your ideal client? Do you feel excited to work with these people? Tell me below, who your dream client is and why you fell in love with them!


Talk soon babe!